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The smart waste platform enables companies and cities to easily inspect, measure and optimize collection of waste

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Wastehero Smart Waste Analytics

Our Web-Based and Cloud-Hosted Smart Waste Platform

  • Dynamic route planning
  • Optimize daily operations
  • Real time overview over fill-level of bins
  • KPI's over effectivity, savings and emissions

Why Choose WasteHero's Platform?

WasteHero offers an innovative route planning engine that is specifically designed for an effective smart waste collection, which is capable of managing various data and inputs compared to existing solutions. The route planning engine utilizes information such as locations, fill level data, drivers' preferences, upcoming routes and real-time information of new collection schedules in the route planning system.

The tool also combines the prediction algorithm with the system, which has the ability to automate the route planning with regards to cost efficiency. The emptying frequency will be calculated based on variables, which describes cost-heavy functions for the entity such as salary, distance, fuel, wear and tear, overwork etc.

Benefits of Our Smart Waste Analytics Platform

  • Can be easily integrated into existing systems
  • Universally accessible (cloud-based)
  • Includes mobile application designed for waste collectors
  • Eliminates inefficient collections
  • Identifies heaviest waste generating locations and optimizes collection frequency
  • Provides waste collectors with interactive route planning

Optimized route scheduling

One feature of our smart waste analytics platform is our advanced route scheduling system, which grants clients full control on how their waste collection routes are designed.

The optimization algorithm generates routes automatically for the containers that are full and require emptying. At the same time, the waste collection routes can also be created manually in our smart waste analytics platform if needed, and all routes can easily be modified by adding, removing or changing the container order.

Advanced Analytics Reports

The advanced dashboard and data analytics of our smart waste analytics platform allows clients to be in full control of all the relevant metrics and KPIs, such as the fill levels and fill level history of any of the configured bins, and the collection efficiency of the system.

At the same time it also provides a quick overview of the state of the containers, a preview of the upcoming routes and cost saving calculations. Additionally, our smart waste analytics platform also helps our clients check the battery levels for individual containers.

Bin Overview

Easily get an overview over your bin’s status and filter through them with our advanced filtering analytics. Our platform can comprehend thousands of bins without comprising on speed and comfort in usability.

  • Quickly search by address, post code or area
  • Filter by waste type, bin size and fill-level
  • Hover over bins to get a quick overview over the status
  • Easily add or remove search filters such as battery level, service status and much more
  • Compare bins and set constraints for collection schedules
  • Easily debug any connectivity issues with documentation
  • Export and analyze data to CSV

User management & Permissions

Our comprehensive user management system lets you easily add new users to the system inside or outside of your organization. Use it to create and assign teams management and service parts relevant to them.

Let users see different parts of the platform using permissions.

Determine what they can see, when and why they should be notified either through phone messages, email or by push notifications for certain thresholds and events based on specific areas and bins.

Dashboard & Analytics

The advanced dashboard and data analytics of our smart waste analytics platform allows clients to be in full control of all the relevant metrics and KPIs, the collection efficiency, savings accumulated, environmental impact, number of overflowing bins and complaints.

The system is constantly collecting data during the operations and crunching it into a simple overview over performance. Take a deep-dive and analyze which bins are emptied most effectively and which ones aren’t to optimize the way bins are placed or the collection schedules. Export historical data into a CSV file easily to let your team do analytics.

  • Average fill-level of bins at emptying
  • Overall collection efficiency over time, let your teams zoom in to separate areas to compare and understand the differences in the performance

Frequently asked questions

Our platform can automatically generate routes, based on the fill level of the containers. The route generation algorithm takes into consideration all the constraints that are defined for the container. Constraints, such as collection dates and specific times can be set for each container.
Our smart waste analytics platform is cloud-based, enabling users to access the platform from any device with an internet connection. Optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet devices, our smart waste analytics platform is accessible anytime, anywhere. No special software, download or installation is required, simply log in and you are good to go. For the most optimal user experience, however, it is recommended to use a computer.
While we recommend our customers to use our platform to get the most outof our solution, we do provide a state-of-the-art external API that is both fast, reliable and scalable.

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