Navigation App

Driver-friendly navigation app that provides dynamic, optimized collection routes with turn-by-turn directions

WasteHero navigation system

Modern Navigation App to make driver's job easier and
city streets cleaner

The WasteHero engine on the platform creates smart and intelligent routes based on relevant restraints to evaluate the most efficient route available for drivers via tablet

WasteHero project settings

Traditional routes in waste management

  • Administration cannot solve problems appearing on the routes due to poor and slow information stream
  • Overflowing containers increaseing number of citizen complaints
  • Losing time and resources to collect half-empty bins or creating unpleasent surroundings by missing overflowing containers

Navigation App displaying efficient routes

  • Possibility of quick inquiry report sent to platform users through the app to solve drivers’ daily issues faster
  • Seamless communication between drivers, platform users and citizens to reduce overflowing bins on the streets
  • Customizable routes - add or delete bins on-the-go based on their fill-level

Fast start to the day

  • Easy and fast access to the plan for the day’s routes available at any time
  • Drivers can start their workday with just 3 steps within the navigation app
  • Quick access to the overview of the route with number of stops, distance and required finish time
Efficient route planner
customize the route with WasteHero Navigation System


  • Drivers have the possibility to customize the route by adding overflowing bins or deleting containers that no longer needs emptying
  • Manual changes implemented through the platform will be automatically displayed on the tablet, even when drivers already started a scheduled route

WasteHero makes life easier drivers and citizens

  • fast communication

    Fast communication between
    waste planners and drivers ensures
    quick services and clean streets

  • customized routes

    Customization of the routes
    on-the-go available for drivers
    in a few clicks

  • fewer pickups

    Fewer pickups combined with
    our intelligent route directions
    creates less traffic congestion

intelligent routing

Displayed routes are created by routing engine which takes into account all route constraints. Generated routes are the most efficient, make drivers’ life easier and solve their daily problems faster. Discover all the advantages of Smart Waste Management Platform:

Intelligent routing with Smart Waste Management Platform
Easy reports with Wastehero Navigation

Report inquires as part of daily work flow

  • Easy documentation of pictures and detailed information to assist administration in solving the case faster
  • Drivers can inform waste planners of overflowing containers, mixed waste, furniture on the street and other problems
  • Select priority level of the problem to speed up the process of solving inquires

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Frequently asked questions

Our app is responsive and can run both on smartphones and tablets supporting Android and iOS version will also be made available at a later stage.
The primary functionality of the app is to guide waste collectors to all the containers that need to be emptied, in the fastest, most optimal way. Secondly, the app measures the collection efficiency and synchronizes this data with the WasteHero Analytics Platform to provide detailed waste collection analytics.
WasteHero waste collection route planner considers any specific restrictions and limitations of oversized vehicles. Our solution always takes into account the height of bridges, tunnels and narrow streets.
WasteHero waste collection route planner considers any specific restrictions and limitations of oversized vehicles. Our solution always takes into account the height of bridges, tunnels and narrow streets.
At the moment, WasteHero Smart Waste Collection Route Planner supports English, German, Spanish, and Danish. We are constantly developing and adding new languages, however, should there be a need for specific language, feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to customize the platform to your specific language requirements.