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Whether you are looking to optimise your entire waste process or to incorporate specific features into your existing system, WasteHero has got you covered with our flexible, modular setup.

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Housing Companies



Additional costs, overflowing bins and high CO2 emission

  • Current waste management methods entail haulers picking up your waste on fixed schedules. This leads to frequently collecting bins that are either half-empty or overflowing.
  • Fixed schedules don’t take into account slow periods, meaning you are paying collection fees for pick-ups that aren’t necessary.
  • Lack of waste volume data during busy periods results in overflowing containers, leading to unsightly, smelly bins and contamination.

Cooperate with WasteHero to optimize your waste collection contract

waste collection contract

WasteHero will help you incorporate sensor-based waste collection into your next contract

waste collection contract

Easily install WasteHero sensors and switch from fixed schedules to need-based pick-ups

waste collection contract

Enjoy easy collaboration between your organization, WasteHero and your waste hauler

Send an email notification directly to haulers when your bins reach your chosen fill-level

wastehero email notification

Track & improve your recycling initiatives

  • Modern analytics to track and benchmark waste program KPIs and share progress with management
  • Enhance decision-making for waste initiatives with insights from the analytics dashboard
  • Reduce fees for solid waste collection and turn recyclable assets into an income stream
recycling initiatives
reliable trash removal

Build your reputation as an eco-friendly organization

  • Gain loyal customers by commiting to corporate social responsability and UN’s sustainability goals
  • Minimise your environmental footprint by embracing the priorities of the waste hierarchy
  • Save money on waste costs while making a meaningful contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions

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