About WasteHero

WasteHero is on a mission to bring sustainable waste collection to every corner of the world


WasteHero is a Danish technology-driven company focused upon optimizing waste management across the world. We believe the future of handling waste should be managed in a sustainable way, which benefits both organizations and cities

  • WasteHero will continuously work towards changing the way we operate with waste. We believe waste can be a profitable asset, not only for the organizations and cities, but also for the environment

  • Our mission is to digitalize waste management and thereby eliminate inefficient and unnecessary pickups of bins, which creates waste savings and reduces CO₂ emissions

Our story

It all started inside a classroom back in 2017, where the two co-founders, Hussam Mansour and Szabolcs Nagy first met. Both had passion for technology-driven business development, and after noticing the bins at the university park were emptied unnecessarily with scheduled pickups, they decided to build an IoT system to optimize the current methods for waste management.

This was the birth of WasteHero. The goal was simple for the two entrepreneurs - eliminate as many of the unnecessary processes for waste management. The collaboration between Hussam and Szabolcs was so successful that after they finished their thesis, they utilized all their knowledge to found Ioteelab, which was later renamed to WasteHero, as we know it today.


It has never been more important to be aware of the impact our actions have on the environment. There is genuine commitment around the leading executives to join forces against the increasing pollution of the globe and WasteHero is equally committed.

UN estimates that by 2050, two third of the world population will live in urban areas, and this rapid development creates a series of acute challenges for modern cities. WasteHero will take part in solving these problems by focusing on UN's sustainable development goal #11, regarding sustainable collection and generation of waste in city areas. By being experts on analyzing waste streams and deploying smart waste solutions, we created a service that is good for the environment and creates savings.

Our technology

Our advanced technology optimizes and removes unnecessary processes, which means organizations and cities can save up to 50 percent on their existing waste management. This is due to our market leading products, which are developed in collaboration with our customers and leading experts in areas of Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine​ ​Learning (ML) and Big Data.

Technologies have the power to change the dynamics of major industries. We aim to promote sustainability through technology, and we advise both businesses and municipalities to embrace the opportunities granted by smart waste management. Technologies enable yet unforeseen comprehension and provide both the ability and tools to optimize existing waste management solutions.