Urban Waste Management

Savings, sustainability and well-being of citizens

Innovation in waste management

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  • The lack of innovation in the waste industry are causing tons of inefficiency in the way we collect waste. With the current methods, waste bins are emptied at regular time intervals, leading to inefficient pickups where bins are not completely full or at risk for overflowing.
  • IoT technology has been undergoing rapid development over the past years with the cost going down and battery life up. IoT-based fill-level will disrupt the waste management industry as we know it today. Sensors give us a constant flow of fill-level data, which smart algorithms utilize to determine optimal and dynamic pick-ups.
  • WasteHero delivers an end-to-end smart waste management solution for smart cities, that includes an advanced dual-sensing fill-level sensor, user-friendly software platform and an easy-to-use navigation app.

Become a leading city in smart waste solutions

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    Save up to 50% of your waste cost

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    Reduce the CO₂ Footprint

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    Improve the well-being of your citizens

The extra trucks on the street create traffic bottlenecks, noise and increased pollution that is dangerous for the health and well-being of the citizens.

Benefits of smart waste management

  • Decrease overall costs of waste management
  • Reduce CO₂ emission and promote sustainability
  • Eliminate overflowing bins
  • Less wear and tear on your vehicles
  • Frees up resources to do more meaningful work
  • Improve the well-being of the citizens
  • Dynamic route collections
  • Understand your city's waste streams

Market Leading Products for Smart Cities

We believe our products speak for themselves. We are invested in giving the best user experience by focusing on enhancing the features that are a part of the operational day. We recommend you use our products in a combination. However, we do not want to limit cities fostering sustainability – therefore, our products can also be used separately thanks to our open API approach.

WasteHero will never stop to improve – we are open to listen to your request and make it our mission to continuously provide user-friendly software, which helps you become greener and more efficient.


WasteHero Platform

  • Dynamic route planning
  • Waste bin overview
  • Location constraints
  • Waste stream analytics
  • User management system
  • AI Prediction model
  • SMS & e-mail alerts
  • Exports to .csv
  • Reports and business insights
  • Open API

WasteHero Sensor

  • 10+ years battery lifetime
  • Any type of bin
  • GSM, LoRa, Sigfox or NB-IoT
  • External antenna
  • Ultrasonic and optical dual sensors
  • 0 - 4 meters depth
  • GPS, thermometer, accelerometer
  • IP67 rugged enclosure

WasteHero Navigation

  • Turn-by-turn instructions
  • Dynamic route navigation
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Stores weight tickets

State-of-the-art and easy to use

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    High usability

    Our products are very easy to use and have been developed together with Danish cities leading within waste tech. Our approach is to always listen and improve – feedback is a key factor when developing our products and we always value your inputs. Book a demo and try for yourself.

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    Optimal route planning

    Great emphasis on building the next generation of the route planning. Our proprietary route generation engine utilizes our prediction model, dynamically compares and creates new route scenarios that reduces the amount of manual work needed.

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    Accurate measurements

    Our sensors utilizes both optical and ultrasonic measurements, meaning we can achieve the most precise measurements in any type of waste container.

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