A new era of sustainable waste collection


  • waste savings

    Reduce the cost of waste management by up to 50%

  • sustainablility

    Reduce CO₂ emissions and create a more sustainable business

  • Optimized collection

    Eliminate overflowing bins and avoid paying for additional fees

waste management service

Currently, most pick-ups are based upon fixed scheduled intervals, which results in a large amount of unnecessary emptying of half-full bins or risk for overflowing, costing additional fees.

WasteHero offers optimization and full-service management of your waste, which reduces your costs and benefits the environment. We are combining advanced technologies monitoring the fill-level of the bin to reduce the number of pick-ups, while our prediction algorithm continuously becomes more intelligent to improve your savings over time.

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  • service

    Exceptional customer service

Benefits keep increasing

The benefits keep increasing over time, we keep utilizing our technology to improve your savings and give you powerful business insights over your waste.

  • Reduce waste management
  • Transparent overview of your waste streams
  • Become a more sustainable business
  • Decrease overall waste generation by implementing continuous efforts, such as recycling

The WasteHero way

Our approach ensures transparency all the way, through-out our collaboration we provide you with a full overview of what you can expect and ensure that you quickly start saving money.

  • Analyze your current waste management
  • Calculate potential savings
  • Implement WasteHero
  • Continuous insights and optimization
  • Savings
  • Re-assess yearly savings

Continuous improvement

From the beginning of our co-operation, WasteHero is focused on continuously improving your waste management,

This could for example be through

  • Food waste reduction
  • Recycling programmes and training
  • Supply chain analysis

Connecting millions of data points

WasteHero is utilizing IoT to receive data from the sensors to our platform.

We have developed an advanced prediction model, which takes all influential variables into account to optimize existing streams.

The prediction algorithm utilizes both big data and machine learning to continuously analyse the data and thereby provide the optimal route for emptying bins. This ensures the most optimal waste management for customers.

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