5 most asked questions regarding waste monitoring platform

by Alexander Bonde

  1. What are the benefits of using WasteHero’s platform for Smart Waste Management?

Utilizing the WasteHero Smart Waste Management Platform grants you with several benefits.

The platform is pre-integrated to the cloud and running on Heroku servers, meaning that the smart bin sensors will send data directly to the platform. The platform provides you with a manageable overview through the dashboard, which shows you both the collection efficiency, an overview of the previous history and a container log.

The platform also comes with a route-planning system utilizing Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, allowing you to automatically generate optimized routes based on the fill-levels, while also granting you an overview of previous and upcoming routes.

Furthermore, it is possible to get an easy overview of the bins, their location, their fill-level, battery lifetime of the sensors and much more.

The entire platform is built in close collaboration with both businesses and cities to ensure a manageable and user-friendly interface easy to navigate through. New bins can easily be added on to the platform and you can get a historical overview of the bins added with the various data.

Lastly, the platform includes Smart Analytics, granting you additional insight with regards to your waste streams. This is both helpful for smart cities and businesses and can help them identify areas to improve additionally. Furthermore, the Smart Analytics include the various fill-levels at the collection, the collection efficiency for each bin and the total collection efficiency.

The platform also comes with an admin panel for user management, with the possibility of setting up new users, granting various permissions and overall management for the platform. The platform also comes with an entire navigation system, where the optimized routes automatically are provided to the truck drivers.

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  1. Is the platform scalable and customizable?

Yes. The platform is specifically built with scalability and customizations in mind.

The platform is designed to support waste management, however, it can easily be customized to integrate other devices and receive data for various other projects such as parking sensors, air quality sensors, electricity sensors etc., so you can manage all devices on one platform.

  1. Is it possible to try the platform before making an investment?

Yes, it is possible to try the platform before making an investment. WasteHero can provide you with a demo version of our platform, so contact a WasteHero specialist today to get started.

  1. Does the platform support constraints for route creation?

The platform can automatically generate routes based on fill-level data of the containers utilizing Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data. It is possible to set-up individual constraints such as collection dates, specific pick-up times etc. for each container or bin. The route generation algorithm then takes all of these predefined constraints into account when generating the route.


  1. How do you access the platform?

The platform is cloud-based, which enable users to access the platform from any device with an internet connection. The platform has been optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet devices to ensure a pleasant experience no matter how you prefer to access the platform. 

We do however recommend using a computer to access the platform for the most optimal user experience.

Since the platform is cloud-based, it is possible to access the platform at any time and place.

It does not require any special software, download or installation – you simply log in with your user ID and you are good to go.

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