WasteHero Has Received the Solar Impulse ‘Efficient Solution’ Label

by Alexander Bonde

We are proud to announce that we’ve received the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label. WasteHero is proud to be among the 1000 solutions chosen that focus on environmentally-friendly services that also improve financial liability.

Bertrand Piccard founded The Solar Impulse Foundation, which aims to identify and promote green, efficient, and profitable solutions in order to drive the development of a sustainable economy.

The Solar Impulse Foundation’s ‘Efficient Solution’ label makes it easier for decision-makers in businesses and governments to implement environmental solutions without increasing costs.

In order to obtain the label, WasteHero was evaluated by three external independent experts with a minimum of five years experience and based on five criteria; credibility of concept, scalability, environmental benefits, client’s economic incentive, and seller’s profitability. 

The WasteHero solution was confirmed to live up to each of the five criteria. A key advantage of receiving this label is that it validates the WasteHero solution and confirms the focus on sustainability and cost-reducing effect for our customers. 

Providing a sustainable solution 

The waste monitoring solution allows municipalities and businesses to optimise their streams, leading to a reduction in the number of collections and driving time.

WasteHero was chosen based on the ability to reduce bin collections by up to 50%, which has a large impact on the emissions produced, as well as decreasing the traffic in large cities. 

This reduction of CO2 emissions shows how the WasteHero solution can allow customers to improve the sustainability of their practices and build an environmentally friendly reputation while reducing costs. 

Experts acknowledged the work done so far with cases such as Herning municipality and La Cabra; WasteHero was able to help them considerably reduce collection trips.

The city of Herning implemented the WasteHero solution and optimised its waste management, resulting in 53% fewer emptyings.

Improving cost-efficiency 

WasteHero was also assessed based upon the client’s economic incentive. WasteHero provides a positive total cost of ownership for customers compared to mainstream alternatives.

One expert stated that implementing needs-based routing and a reduction in unnecessary trips and extra man hours “...will largely compensate for the cost of the service and deliver net savings early on”.

The mainstream alternative would be static waste collections, based on scheduled routes. With WasteHero’s smart bin sensors and monitoring platform, bins are only collected when they reach full capacity.

By creating reductions in driving time and manpower, overall cost savings can be realised of up to approximately 40%.

The platform can be used by business owners, city planners, waste collectors, and employees and gives a detailed and comprehensive overview of the efficiency of each route,  thereby freeing up resources for other areas.

This review of WasteHero shows that it can improve profits for municipality, businesses, and waste hauling companies, and simultaneously provide a solution that contributes to sustainability goals.

We would like to acknowledge and give thanks to CleanCluster for putting us in connection with the Solar Impulse Foundation. 

Contact a WasteHero expert today to hear more! 

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