WasteHero is shaping Smart Cities of tomorrow

by Alexander Bonde

WasteHero is proud to be a part of Smart City Cluster Denmark, where we aim to promote sustainability and shape the smart cities of tomorrow in Denmark. 

Smart City Cluster Denmark is an innovation network for digitizing sustainable cities and communities. 

Yesterday, WasteHero attended the “IoT-based waste management” event hosted by Smart City Cluster, KL, Dansk Affaldsforening, DOLL & GATE 21, where leading figures within waste management in Denmark were present.

Event for the smart city projects

During the event, we discussed some of the key challenges we’re facing with regards to waste management overall in Denmark, both for municipalities, businesses and households. 

Furthermore, the event had nine speakers from various cities, unions and universities in Denmark & Sweden with regards to current smart city projects, smart waste management, changes in the industry such as the new regulations from EU and overall behaviour for waste streams across cities in Denmark. 

The event ended with a debate panel consisting of 10 businesses such as Smart Waste Management providers, waste bin manufacturers, network providers, telecommunication companies, energy providers and waste hauliers.

At WasteHero we are proud to be a part of the debate panel discussing how to shape smart cities of tomorrow, how to utilize Smart Waste Management and how to overcome the main obstacles across the industry. 

Furthermore, the panel consisted of six cities (Aalborg, Aarhus, Herning, Copenhagen, Albertslund, Helsingborg) and a single university. 

The entire debate was facilitated by Charlotte Fischer, Director at Dansk Affaldsforening and touched upon several of the obstacles within the industry. 

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