WasteHero is happy to announce our newest partner

by Alexander Bonde

WasteHero is happy to announce a new partnership with the Swiss company clever ways ltd.

Together we aim to create a more sustainable future through optimized waste management.

Clever ways ltd. resides in Switzerland, where their aim is to turn locations or objects into “places with digital experience”, provide new reality multimedia through high-tech communications with Augmented-, Virtual- and Mixed reality, plus OMNIFLOW, which is a unique energy platform with wind / solar and IoT applications such as sustainable LED street lightning and one single infrastructure with renewables to power the future.

Clever ways ltd. will be an official distributor of WasteHero products in Switzerland, Austria and Southern Germany, and we are looking forward to continuously provide sustainable solutions for waste management worldwide.

The partnership with clever ways ltd. opens for new opportunities, especially with regards to the German-speaking markets. We expect that both cities and businesses in the region will thrive from this partnership by getting direct access to an optimized solution for waste management, which will reduce the risk of overflowing bins, reduce collection frequency and thereby create financial savings, all the while we minimize the environmental impact.

clever ways ltd logo

Get in contact today to hear more about how WasteHero can help you towards optimized and sustainable waste management.

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