Official partner with Scanmatic AS

by Alexander Bonde

WasteHero is happy to announce our official partnership with Scanmatic AS! Together we will be providing efficient and sustainable waste management solutions to all corners of Scandinavia.

WasteHero will be collaborating with both Scanmatic AS in Norway and Scanmatic InSitu AB in Sweden (formerly known as Scanmatic Environmental Technology AB). Scanmatic AS is a Norwegian technology company with enthusiastic and competent employees who deliver smart and robust system solutions within instrumentation and automation. 

Scanmatic was established in 1971 and is the largest supplier in Scandinavia of measurement systems for meteorology, hydrology and water quality.

Scanmatic uses cutting-edge expertise in sensor technology, data processing and data communications to design and deliver instrumentation and communication solutions for the traffic sector. Typical deliveries to the traffic sector are climate stations, SRO (Control, Regulation and Monitoring) systems for tunnels and bridges, ITV systems, sign management systems and other security surveillance systems.

Scanmatic can now also add Smart Waste Management to their existing portfolio.

Together we will aim to improve existing waste management and provide a sustainable way of handling the rapidly increasing amount of global waste. According to the World Bank, 1.3 billion metric ton of waste is generated every year worldwide, which is expected to reach 2.3 billion, by 2020.

Smart Waste Management is a rapidly growing market and a key aspect in the development of smart cities in order to provide an improved lifestyle in urban areas. The increasing market can be directly attributed towards the rapid urbanization and industrialization, across regions.

Overall, there is increasing adoption of smart city initiatives worldwide, which support the growth of the Smart Waste Management market. The Smart Waste Management market was valued at USD $1.77 billion in 2019, which drastically exceeded any previous expectations and is expected to reach USD $6.52 billion by 2025, reaching a CAGR of 25.68% (Mordor Intelligence, 2020). 

The collaboration will help cities and waste hauliers overcome the continuously growing complexity in the logistics of waste collection and the increasing regulation demands by utilizing IoT sensors, RFID, GPS and much more.

Smart Waste Management is still in a rather nascent phase but expected to witness a very healthy growth caused by the increasing availability of commercially viable technologies and operational benefits, such as those provided by WasteHero.

Since Scanmatics establishment their focus has been on the development and delivery of quality products and systems in industrial instrumentation, monitoring, control systems to professional, industrial customers within traffic, military, offshore and renewable energy.

We are happy to meet the high-quality requirements from Scanmatic and see the collaboration as a validation of a robust industrial system designed for high reliability and long service life in a demanding environment. Scanmatic will be responsible for the service and maintenance agreements, where they guarantee a quick response time with operational responsibility.

Today, the Scanmatic Group consists of 4 companies; Scanmatic AS, Scanmatic Elektro AS, Scanmatic InSitu AB and Scanmatic Instrument Technology.

Our initial collaboration started in 2019 and has evolved positively with a great partnership between employees from both companies. We are excited about the collaboration and appreciate the continuous professionalism and effort from Scanmatic.

Together we will offer and provide sustainable and efficient waste management in Scandinavia to cities and waste hauliers in both Norway and Sweden.

Scanmatic has a wide experience in project execution and an established quality system. Projects are carried out at a safe and secure meeting, which supports the values of WasteHero and the customer satisfaction we strive to achieve. Together we always follow the norms and rules that apply to the industry in connection with project execution and deliveries.

We appreciate the dedicated team of Scanmatic and look forward to continuously providing sustainable solutions for waste management across all of Scandinavia.

Together we will shape the WasteHeroes of tomorrow.

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