A more sustainable future with Smart Waste Management

by Alexander Bonde

Waste is a problem, which everyone on our planet must face. We all produce waste, and in the EU alone each person generates more than half a ton of household waste every year. Combining this with various activities such as manufacturing, which generates a yearly amount of 360 million tons of waste every year in the European Union, and construction, which accounts for a total of 900 million tons of waste generated per year in the European Union.

 Including all other activities such as water supply and energy production, the European Union generates more than 3 billion tons of waste every year and as our society grows wealthier, more and more waste is generated. Our entire lifestyle has changed, where every person has a personal technological device, many products are designed to have a short lifetime and the habit of single-use or disposable products is increasing.

This causes some serious pollution and greenhouse gas emission, which is contributing to our climate change while also losing a significant amount of material that could be used in new production.

Not only is the amount of waste that we are creating increasing rapidly, but the entire nature of the waste is also changing. This is mainly caused by a development in our society and goods purchased, where the use of highly technological goods has increased drastically over the last decade.

This causes the waste to contain a mixture of various materials, which makes it rather complex to deal with in a sustainable way. These materials often include plastic or precious metals. Even hazardous materials have become a serious liability to our environment with more than 100 million tons generated every year in the EU, which can be both costly and requires a certain process to deal with the waste safely.

Smart Waste Management solution from WasteHero

At WasteHero, we try to reduce the environmental, financial and health impact that waste has on our society. We wish to help to work towards the ambitious European Union waste legislation and make us a front-runner in waste and recycling management.

By implementing a solution from WasteHero, shifting from fixed scheduled pick-ups towards dynamic pick-ups based on data,  you are contributing to minimizing the environmental impact while saving money.

Earlier implementations have shown a reduction in the driving required to pick-up the waste bins by up to 50 %, while providing additional insight into your waste stream to identify further optimizations and a significant financial saving.

Contact a WasteHero specialist today to hear more about how you can get started on Smart Waste Management and contribute towards a more sustainable future for all of us.

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A more sustainable future with Smart Waste Management

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