From Ioteelab to WasteHero

by Hussam Mansour

The story starts with Hussam Mansour and Szabolcs Nagy, two students who met during their master's studies at Aarhus University. They discovered a common passion for both IoT and sustainability. 

Both had spent multiple years at larger companies, however, for once they decided to pursue their dreams and start their own business and work towards a more sustainable future. 

This dream is what became known as Ioteelab.

The business started with a focus on researching and discovering the potentials of IoT, which laid the foundation for Ioteelab. The entire concept and products of the company have been developed in close cooperation with both, our customers and leading professors within IoT and Machine Learning. 

The company has received massive support from both universities, incubators, advisory board and the entire ecosystem surrounding.

A sustainable waste management dream comes true

Ioteelab quickly became a hit with the first successful implementation and proof of business in Herning Kommune, where we managed to reach incredible savings. Read more here about how we helped Herning save money and become greener at once.

The launch of Ioteelab was well-timed with a certain maturity in the market, where actors within the industry have been active for almost eight years. This combined with the development within IoT and a certain maturity within business models in the industry provided a perfectly timed launch for Ioteelab. 

We have learned from those before us and utilized our knowledge to provide the best possible Smart Waste Solution on the market. 

Ioteelab to WasteHero 

The company started with a focus towards the municipalities and business-to-government (B2G) marketing, however, since the start of 2019, Ioteelab decided to pivot towards also including businesses and business-to-business (B2B) marketing. This was where we realized the need for a new name. 

We no longer wanted to be associated with pure research, but to be viewed as an established company ready to provide end-to-end solutions, which challenges the international standards of waste management, while also securing both savings for our customers and benefits for the environment. 

It had to be a name which still reflected the values of the company but at the same time provided a commercial aspect to it. Through a long process with our community and various collaborations including our experienced advisory board, the name WasteHero was created. 

In WasteHero we continuously believe in the values of providing savings for our customers, while benefiting the environment and actively working towards a reduction of CO2 emissions globally. 

We see Denmark as being a pioneer within sustainable solutions and believe that both Danish businesses and municipalities are able to participate in the promotion of sustainable solutions. 

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