Dealing with urbanization through smart solutions

by Anders Hans Hinrichs

According to the United Nations, 55 % of the world’s population is currently placed in urban areas and it is forecasted to reach 68 % by 2050. UN is committed to help cities in a successful transaction towards becoming a sustainable city that can support the increasing urbanization. This is also reflected in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #11, Sustainable Cities and Communities. 

The rapid development in urbanization will result in additional pressure on the infrastructure, quality housing arrangements, employment, education and health care. The rising population will require sustainable and versatile solutions to ensure beneficial standards of living. 

If communities do not account for this development already today, crowded cities will get even more exposed and we will experience a decrease in the standards of living, especially with regards to waste management. 

The solutions to urbanization through innovation

The increased focus on a successful transaction towards a cleaner and sustainable solutions that accommodate the urbanization often lead cities towards Smart City solutions such as Smart Waste Management, Smart Parking or similar projects of digitalization. 

A Smart City is an urban area that utilizes different types of electronic sensors to collect valuable data utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) networks. The data obtained from Smart Projects are applied to manage the useful data, creating both sustainable and helpful solutions for the citizens. 

Most of the modern cities are aware of this development and we see an increase in cities converting towards more sustainable solutions. Many of the larger cities are starting to experiment with Smart City projects or has already invested into a scalable solution for the entire city. 

Smart City projects often require a unique solution to meet the specific needs and incorporate modern technology to solve such pains. Therefore, it is important to exploit versatile solutions that combine existing solutions with modern technologies. 

Smart solution for waste management

At WasteHero, we see the environmental benefits as an essential way of operating, and we are committed to work towards a more sustainable and cleaner future by workings towards the UN Sustainable Development Goal #11, Sustainable Cities and Communities. 

We have developed our entire solution with Smart Cities in mind. Our Smart Waste Management platform has been developed in collaboration with both cities and businesses to ensure a high level of user-friendliness and the required features.

Furthermore, our platform is largely customizable and scalable to integrate entire Smart City projects that go beyond waste management to suit your exact needs.  

Get in touch today to hear more about how WasteHero can help create value for your city!

Written by

Anders Hans Hinrichs

Director of Business Development

  • Municipality
  • Sustainability
  • Smart City
  • Smart Waste Management
  • Green City
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • SDG #11

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