A smarter Herning with WasteHero

by Anders Hans Hinrichs

Herning municipality stands to save over 240.000€, over a period of five years, after working with WasteHero. Currently, 412 bottle banks are deployed with a fill-level sensor. Read below how:

Optimal waste management

The municipality of Herning has increased its sustainable initiatives, which lead to cooperation in 2018 with WasteHero. Herning wanted to optimize their existing waste management, which could minimize the cost, reduce CO emission and in general facilitate a greener and more sustainable city.

The beginning of a smarter city 

WasteHero implemented the first 25 smart bin sensors in the containers of Herning Municipality in 2018. This was the beginning of a significant optimization of existing waste management. 

Significant optimization of waste management 

The municipality of Herning had large costs related to their existing waste management, due to a high number of 89.000 citizens. Herning Municipality had a yearly cost of roughly 25.400.000 DKK on their waste management, and research indicated that the containers were only 40% full on average when emptied. 

It was therefore clear, that the majority of emptyings were unnecessary and that the possibilities for optimization were significant. 

A more sustainable future 

In 2018, WasteHero implemented 125 additional sensors in the municipality of Herning to secure further savings with regards to their waste management. The gathering of data from the installed optical flow sensors provided a much better insight regarding the possibilities of optimization. 

The municipality of Herning secured 53% fewer emptyings with the implementation of the solution on the specific containers, which provided them with significant savings and reduced CO2 emission. 

The municipality of Herning reduced their total expenses of waste emptyings by 71% for the specific containers in connection with our business case, which could then be used for further optimization of waste management and a more sustainable city.

Written by

Anders Hans Hinrichs

Director of Business Development

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