A new era
of sustainable
waste management

The Smart Waste Management solution enables
easy monitoring to optimize the collection of waste

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Bringing sustainable and cost efficient waste management
to organizations and cities

WasteHero provides an IoT enabled waste management platform, compatible smart bin sensor, navigation system and an installation app.

9 out of 10 bins are emptied too early or too late

  • Inefficient pickups where bins are half empty waste your time, money and resources
  • Overflowing bins result in additional costs such as collection fees and cleaning services
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Static collections promote unsustainable practices

  • Unnecessary collections result in traffic congestion, unwanted noise and increased CO2 emissions
  • Cities and organizations are unlikely to meet increasing consumer and citizen expectations for sustainability

Dynamic pick-ups cut waste collection costs

  • Avoid additional fees for overflowing containers and save time and labor costs by only collecting full bins
  • Fewer emptyings per week reduces the overall cost of waste collection by up to 50%
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Dynamic collection promotes sustainability

  • Trucks spend less time on the road which reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Build your reputation as an environmentally friendly organization to meet growing expectations of citizens and consumers

Do it better with WasteHero smart solutions

  • platform

    Monitoring Platform

    Full control over waste
    stream insights, relevant
    metrics and KPIs

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  • sensor

    Smart Bin Sensor

    Accurate measurement
    and compatibility with all
    container types

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  • route planner

    Navigation System

    Optimized based on
    real-time traffic and
    route restraints

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  • wastehero app

    Installation App

    Remotely scan, activate
    and pair sensors with

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Save up to 50% on your waste collection

By transitioning from static to dynamic collection schedules, cities and organizations can eliminate inefficiencies within the waste collection process and reduce costs by up to 50%.

Want to check out how our smart waste management system works?

Herning City Case

By implementing WasteHero's solution, the city of Herning gained insight into the fill-level of their glass containers.

The results lead to a great economic benefit, reduction in CO2 emissions and provided a structured approach to efficient waste management.


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