Waste Monitoring

An innovative waste monitoring solution that is specifically designed for efficient smart waste collection

WasteHero platform

The only digital waste management platform you will ever need

The WasteHero platform includes all essential features to give you a comprehensive understanding of your waste management system

WasteHero project settings

Why stick with old-fashioned and inefficient systems?

  • Impossible to measure and compare drivers’ productivity
  • Route capacity is estimated for each vehicle making routes indefinite
  • Limited customisation of fleet management

Do it better with WasteHero Management Platform

  • Operation management for each route showing duration, number of pick ups and fuel consumption
  • Precise and detailed information about effectiveness of each route helping to cut overall cost
  • Fleet management including drivers, vehicles and location allows for faster management of resources

Operation management

  • Daily reports about performance
  • Operation summary including costs, fuel consumption, completed routes, distance, collected containers and time spent on collection
  • Check scheduled routes, available drivers and vehicles
operation management
fleet management

Fleet management

  • Manage all 3 sections: locations, drivers and vehicles
  • Add vehicle specifications and driver profiles
  • Connect vehicle type with container type for precise route planning

Project division

  • Establish different schemes under each project to prepare customised routes
  • Invite your partners or team members to share the information for specific schemes
  • Increase efficiency, collaboration and management of all the projects
project division
container management

Container overview and measurement settings

Easily get an overview of your container’s status based on data collected from the smart bin sensor. Our platform can comprehend thousands of bins without compromising on speed and comfort in usability.
Discover all the benefits of smart bin sensors.

Choose measurement time of dynamic containers

platform time settings

Include static and dynamic containers

save bill

Are you ready to save up to 50% on your collection bill?

Try our smart waste management platform for yourself and discover all the advantages

Configure the platform to suit your needs

  • Our comprehensive user management system allows you to easily add new users to the system inside or outside of your organization.
  • Assign users with different permission levels based on their role within the project.
  • Configure email notifications based on container fill-level or temperature.
platform configuration

Integrated efficient smart route planner

route planner
  • The optimization algorithm generates routes automatically for the containers that are full and require emptying
  • All routes can easily be modified by adding,removing or changing the container order.
  • The waste collection routes can also be created manually in our smart waste analytics platform if needed.

Benefits of using WasteHero waste management platform

  • Universally accessible

    Universally accessible

  • reduce costs

    Eliminates inefficient
    collections and reduces costs

  • easy integration

    Can be easily integrated
    into existing systems

  • Personalize

    Personalize the platform to
    suit your needs

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